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Your nonprofit marketing strategy should begin by looking internally at your organization. Think about your organization’s mission and value proposition, how you serve the community , and crucially, how you wish your organization to be perceived and thought of.

Sustainable Development Goals

Cautiverio Nomore & the Global Goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

Every nonprofit, big or small, stands to gain from working towards a common global goal. The UN’s (SDGs) are a framework that outline 17 key areas for achieving a greater good—and chances are, your organization falls into at least one of these areas. At Cautiverio Nomore, we believe in being a part of that change – and we realize the SDGs will not be met by 2030. This is why we’re starting to think about how our solutions and work can align to better help achieve the

If your nonprofit wants to align with them but are unsure where to start, we’re ready to help create change together. Come work with us, and let’s help you make global impact.

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Non-Profit Logo Design + Brand Identity

Picture this: It’s been some time since your nonprofit last went through the branding process, and maybe you’re considering a logo redesign or new ideas on your business cards. If you’ve reached this point, you may be starting to feel that your current non-profit brand identity is getting a little tired or outdated, or maybe you just never intended to use it for as long as you have. This is where Cautiverio Nomore can help! We have years of experience in creating brand identity packs tailored to all types of nonprofits. A logo identity is a small element but important part of your branding. It’s the first thing supporters see when they visit your non-profit’s website, and it’s often at the top of your printed and digital promotional materials.

Non-Profit Web Development + SEO

The non-profit landscape in africa has changed quite a bit in recent years, especially with the rise of online marketing. In order to be effective, organizations need to be innovative in their fundraising efforts and invest heavily in their websites and digital marketing. Online campaigns are less costly and time-consuming than traditional ones, while also being more effective at collecting donations and engaging new donors. A great website is an important element of your nonprofit’s communication strategy. Your website can open doors to your target audience and ensure your organization gets the visibility it needs to succeed

Non-Profit Email Hosting + Domain Registration

Along with having a non-profit website that is clean, uncluttered and easy to navigate, you should have an URL that matches your brand. Putting some thought into your domain name—even thinking beyond .com, .co.zw or .org—can help you look polished and tech-savvy. There are thousands of nonprofit organizations in africa, most doing very meaningful work. If you want to stand out to your potential donor base, have a website name that is simple and straightforward. Before registering a domain name, ask yourself a few questions: Is it easy to spell? or Does it look good in print or on a business card? After this stage you them need a hosting package where your website is securely kept.

Non-Profit Photography

When you are starting a non-profit organization in africa or anywhere around the world, it’s easy to overlook photography when planning for business development. Many people assume that anyone can take photographs for their organization. In some cases, interns or colleagues with a good eye for photography can handle this task. However, if you want high-quality photographs that promo your cause, you should invest in hiring professional photographers. Your images need to convey a message and capture the attention of a diverse audience. People don’t give these things away randomly, that’s why they need to feel emotions that cause them to want to help.

Non-Profit Copy Writing + Story Telling

Your stories, calls-to-action, and other communications are more effective when they’re relatable, emotional, and personal. That’s why it’s critical to work with a team that knows how to blend both the strategic, and creative, sides of the craft. Because content and copy aren’t just words—they’re the catalysts for connecting with supporters and inspiring everything that comes next. Furthermore, any time you change your mission or purpose, you also need to change the way you talk about it. We’ll help you figure out how to talk about your brand’s mission and purpose in ways that appeal to the different audiences who care about it.

Non-Profit Creative Strategy + Branding

More than a logo, a headline, or an image, your organization’s brand is built on a complex set of emotions, ideas, perceptions, and experiences that tell the story of who you are and what you stand for. To connect with the hearts and minds of your audience, and inspire them to act, it’s critical to make sure this story is communicated clearly and consistently throughout every organizational touchpoint—from your mission statement, brand positioning and visual identity, to design systems, creative campaigns, and activations. Whether you’re building your brand from scratch, or looking to take your impact to the next level, we have the insight, experience, credentials to make it happen.

Non-Profit Social Media

While many people think of social media as a tool for -profit businesses, nonprofits can benefit from it as well, especially in Africa. Social media can be an affordable way for nonprofit organizations to increase their online exposure. Using social media can help with engagement, interaction, fundraising, and more. It can be hard for nonprofits to grow their social media following when they don’t have a dedicated social media team. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The right strategy can unlock a territory full of new opportunities for you. To make up for the lack of resources and knowledge, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube provide nonprofits with resources, tools and features tailored to their needs.
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We assist nonprofits and community organizations with their marketing, advertising, interactive, and public relations needs. The types of projects we work on can range from developing a new brand identity to programming a website or promoting a fundraising event. Our services are based on the identified needs of our clients.

Our focus is on working on a specific assignment, with the expectation that once the project is completed it can be sustained with the nonprofit’s existing resources. Our goal is to teach nonprofits “how to fish, rather than feed them fish for a day”, Hence we also provide various free resources that help non profits make an impact.

For any inquiries or proposal requests you can contact us on +263 719 464 406 or send an email to info@cautiverionomore.org . We have an amazing consulting team that will be happy to work with you!

Step 1: We arrange a call or a physical meeting to scope out your requirements and understand if we can help.


Step 2: We deliver a proposal, examples of past work, a project plan and deliverables, including costs.


Step 3: You decide if you want to go ahead.


Step 4: We draw up the contracts which are signed by both parties.


Step 5: Project kick-off meeting

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